February 20, 2021 What Things Cost in the UK: Travel Essentials

(Apologies for the sound distortion which affects the first couple of minutes of the show).

If you are someone who loves to pack your bags and hit the road to see your Tudor history and want loads of inspiration and top tips for travelling and visiting historic locations here in the UK, then this show is for you.

Each month, I will be teaming up with Philippa Brewell from 'British History Tours' to answer your most pressing travel-related questions, hearing from a guest about their favourite historic place to stay (or take rest and refreshment) and a couple of highlights of Tudor-themed events, both online and in-person, for you to book into your calendar.

In episode two of ‘The Tudor History & Travel Show: Travel Essentials’ Philippa and I talk about how much things cost here in the UK, particularly in relation to travel. There are also some great tips around how you can save money and pitfalls you might want to avoid as you navigate your way around the UK.  Also, I chat with one of the show's listeners, Lisa, about her recommended place to stay in Suffolk, plus a couple of not-to-be-missed events coming up in the next couple of months (March/ April 2021).


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Show Credits:

Presenter: Sarah Morris

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Philippa Brewell from British History Tours

Lisa Pegg

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