October 8, 2021 Travel Essentials: Winter & The Christmas Season In The UK

If you are someone who loves to pack your bags and hit the road to see your Tudor history and want loads of inspiration and top tips for travelling and visiting historic locations here in the UK, then this show is for you.

Each month, I will be teaming up with Philippa Brewell from 'British History Tours' to answer your most pressing travel-related questions, hearing from a guest about their favourite historic place to visit, stay (or take rest and refreshment).

 In this episode of Travel Essentials, I chat to Philippa Brewell from British History Tours about visiting the UK in the winter and during the festive season. We make sure you're prepared for the Great British weather, and we share our tips for visiting some beautiful, festive Tudor locations. Later in the show, I'm joined by Deb Roil from Tudor Times, as she tell us about one of her favourite Tudor places to stay. The accompanying show notes can be found here.


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Show Credits:

Presenter: Sarah Morris

with guests:

Philippa Brewell from British History Tours 

Deb Roil from Tudor Times

Produced by Cutting Crew Productions