February 7, 2021 Mary, Queen of Scots: The Making of an Icon with Dr Steven Reid and Anne Dulau

In this latest episode, we commemorate the anniversary of the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots on 8 February 1587. Sarah welcomes two guests to the show, both of whom have been leading a project on the 'Memorialisation of Mary Queen of Scots': Dr Steven Reid, from the University of Glasgow, who is a Scottish Historian based at the College of Arts and Anne Dulau-Beveridge, Art Curator at The Hunterian, also in Glasgow. We explore the breadth of the project, which looks at how Mary, Queen of Scots has been remembered and portrayed across the centuries since her death. There is a show notes page on my blog with images and links and this can be found here.


In this month’s TTG news desk our roving reporter from the sixteenth century, Bess Cavendish, reports from the Tower of London, where the sentence of execution has just been carried out on Catherine Howard and Jane Rochford. We catch up with all the drama of the day.


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Presenter: Sarah Morris

Produced by Cutting Crew Productions

Music by Jon Sayles