August 6, 2021 The Boleyns of Hever with Dr Owen Emmerson and Claire Ridgway

In this episode of The Tudor History & Travel Show, I'm joined by Claire Ridgway and Dr Owen Emmerson as we talk about the release of their new book 'The Boleyns of Hever Castle'. Hever Castle sits in Kent's countryside and is famous for its links with the Boleyn family. As I chat with Claire and Owen, they share the tale of how this wonderful book came to life. With stunning colour photographs throughout, Claire and Owen invite you to travel back in time into the home of the Boleyns as they rose to the pinnacle of English society, sharing their wealth of knowledge to help us build up an image of how the castle looked during the sixteenth century and learn why it was so cherished by those who called it home. 

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The links to buy a copy of 'The Boleyn's of Hever Castle' from Amazon or Hever's online shop are below: 

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Hever Castle online shop


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Show Credits:

Presenter: Sarah Morris

Guests: Claire Ridgway and Dr Owen Emmerson

Produced by Cutting Crew Productions