In March’s episode of the Tudor Travel Show, we focus on William Cecil Lord, Burghley in this, the 500th anniversary of his birth year. To kick-off, Sarah chats with Emily Cole of Historic England about one of William Cecil’s most ostentatious architectural projects that set a trend for house building in Elizabethan England: Theobalds in Hertfordshire. There is also a blog: Theobalds: A Hollywood Starlet of the Elizabethan Age, written recently to accompany this interview. You can view it here.


Continuing our theme, I explore the life of William Cecil with Prof Sue Doran of the University of Oxford, an expert on Elizabeth and her circle. We tap into that expertise to explore the relationship between William Cecil and his royal mistress. There is a blog to accompany this podcast. Click here to read a transcript of the interview.


Finally, The Tudor Travel Guide news desk returns with all the latest March news from the sixteenth-century. On this occasion, our roving reporter comes live from outside the gates of Richmond Palace where the death of England’s longest-reigning monarch to date, Elizabeth I, has just been announced…


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