In October’s episode, The Tudor Travel Show travels first to Great Bedwyn Church, in Wiltshire, to meet with Graham Bathe, an expert on Wolfhall and the Seymours. We learn about some recent research on Sir John Seymour (father of Jane Seymour), which sheds interesting new light on the relationship between Sir John and his daughter. We then move to nearby Wolfhall to catch up on the latest finds from the second year of the archaeological dig to uncover the original Tudor manor house, the ancestral home of the Seymours.


In the second half of the podcast, Sarah is in discussion with Charlotte Bolland, senior curator for sixteenth-century collections at the National Portrait Gallery. Charlotte describes the story of the acquisition and restoration of a fascinating portrait of Jane Seymour, recently purchased by the gallery. This unfinished picture has a riveting tale to tell. If you wish to read a transcript of this podcast, which includes many pictures of the rooms, features and artefacts discussed in the show, you can access it here. 


Finally, The Tudor Travel Guide news desk returns, with all the latest October news from the sixteenth-century. This time we travel to London, in October 1537, when the capital has erupted into joyous celebration following the birth of a new Tudor prince.


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