In this extra podcast for July, Sarah visits what remains of the old Priory of St John in Clerkenwell, London. Once a place of enormous power and prestige, with close links to the Crown, today its treasures are preserved in the Museum of the Order of St John. With museum director, Tom Foakes, as our guide, we explore the history of the Order of St John, the story of the priory, and reimagine just what this magnificent building looked like in its hey-day, prior to its dissolution by King Henry VIII in 1540.

You will also hear about how you can enjoy the delights of this, one of London's hidden Tudor treasures, including (for summer 2019) a special guided tour by Henry VIII himself. 


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Kenilworth: The Castle that was Built on a Love Story

July 12, 2019

In this month's episode, The Tudor Travel Show explores the castle that was built on a love story: Kenilworth, in Warwickshire. In part one, we tour the castle with Volunteer Co-ordinator, Gus Nasser, reimagining the castle at the height of its glory during Elizabeth I's three-week visit in 1575. Part two follows next month. If you wish to read an earlier blog I wrote about Kenilworth Castle, back in March 2018, you can do so here.


In the second half of the podcast, Sarah is in discussion with Professor Susan Doran, from the University of Oxford, about an artefact which has long been the cause of much speculation: the Chequers' Ring, a very personal item of jewellery once belonging to  Queen Elizabeth I. Just what is its story, and who is the mystery woman whose miniature is shown alongside Elizabeth's in the locket? Professor Doran is an expert in all things Elizabeth and her court, and back in the early 2000s co-curated an exhibition in which the ring made a rare public appearance. We hear just what she has to say about this enigmatic object. (Note: The blog article accompanying this conversation, including images, can be found here). 


Finally,  The Tudor Travel Guide news desk returns, with all the latest July news from the 16th century. This time we report on the dramatic events surrounding the succession crisis of July 1553, and how Princess Mary, claimant to the throne, evaded capture by the narrowest of margins.


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